Vehicle & Equipment Finance


There are a number of different ways to finance the purchase of vehicles and equipment for your business including lease, chattel mortgage and commercial hire purchase. Each of these options have different tax, accounting, GST and fringe benefits tax implications.

As your accountants we are committed to saving you money and providing tax effective advice regarding your asset purchases. Through an affiliate finance group we can help you obtain competitive finance quotes from a panel of major lenders for vehicles, equipment and machinery. Knowledge of your business structure, tax position and having all your financial information on hand guarantees fast approval and we can structure the finance to suit your tax circumstances.


In addition, this group can also access fleet pricing on new cars that could save you thousands of dollars. All we need is the precise specifications on the car or light commercial van you are buying and we can obtain the fleet pricing within 48 hours. You can read more about this service by downloading our Vehicle & Equipment Finance Brochure.

If you're a committed and ambitious business owner looking to accelerate your business success we invite you to book a FREE, one hour introductory consultation to discuss your finance needs. You'll get practical business, tax, marketing and financial advice designed to help you build your business and grow your wealth. To book a time, contact us today on (03) 9575 3800 or complete your details in the box at the top of this page.

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